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Pioneer SX-828

Help please anybody -
Recently acquired a Pioneer SX-828 in working order and good cosmetic condition but with crackly volume control and intermittent L/R channel behaviour. Stripped and cleaned controls and noticed evidence of burning underneath power board, so on to Mouser and replaced all caps and some suspect resistors.
Power board outputs now seemingly within limits (+or - 10%) and all lights, stereo signal etc. present, but no evidence of relay kicking in, so all quiet on every front.
Anyone any ideas as to what I might have/have not done?
Many thanks....Mark
PS---This intervention is my first attempt at anything remotely approaching complexity, so please be gentle with me.......

Re: Pioneer SX-828

If it was functional before your work then you need to check what you have done. I usually take photos before working on new equipment, just to make sure I get everything back together correctly (and I've been a tech for 43 years). Relay not actuating means there is a problem in the power amp.

Re: Pioneer SX-828

Many thanks. Although I didn't take pictures (silly, really) I tagged and numbered every single wire to ensure that they all went back in the same place.
I will do as you say and check all my efforts.....seems likely to be a fault in my work rather than a coincidental fault elsewhere.