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Pioneer SX-828

Hello again -
I have re-capped, replaced transistors and re-soldered all the input/output connections on the power board and the machine now works as it should and is firing on all cylinders. However.......
When I first removed the bottom cover there were two loose pieces of aluminium strip lying on the circuit board. I do not have the skills to upload photos, but they are approx. 40mm long x 15mm wide x 1mm thick. Half way along they are angled at 135deg and in each angled portion are the remains of a yellow plastic screw offset from the centre. They also had attached a thin transparent film with two holes on the lugs, but only one is present.
I searched high and low for some evidence of where they could have been fitted without success, and am now worried that they might be a vital part that would cause the machine to fail again.
Anyone any ideas of where I should put them, other than the laugh and tear up tray?
Many thanks.........oldnotbold

Re: Pioneer SX-828


Due to the fact that on has the remains of a plastic screw, check the regulator power supply board, and the driver board. May of the older units used aluminum heat sinks on regulator transistors (to220) to keep them cool. They many time used nylon screws to hold the heatsink to the transistor, and used insulator film to insulate the metal back from the heat sink.