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Pioneer SX-950 Service Manual

Anyone have a SX-950 Service Manual? Many thanks!

Pioneer SX-950 Service Manual

Hello Jim,

Would it be possible for you to e-mail me the Pioneer SX-950 Service Manual? I have always wanted this model receiver and I finally aqcuired one and need to bring it back in tip-top shape. I really would appreciate it. My e-mail address is: mikeplott@gmail.com

Thank you for your assistance, Jim!

Long live Pioneer Hi-Fi receivers!

Pioneer SX-950

I can offer SX-850 and SX-980 Service Manuals only...

SX-950 service maual

Lalomarantz, thank you for the download. I'm not sure but you can download it again as the limit was hit? Or
Caffrox, member Lalomarantz posted the service manual but there was a limit of the number of downloads (10) that could happen and that limit was achieved before I could get to it. Would you mind posting the sx-950 service manual or email it to me at jcvanny@comcast.net ? Thank you so much!! I love my 950 and need to get it going again.