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Pioneer SX-980

I have a Pioneer SX-980 paired with a pair of Klipsch RB-62 ii and would like to add a Klipsch SW-450 to round out the bottom end. The SW-450 has only the A/V (or LFE) line in or it has a set of 4 speaker wire line in terminals. Is it possible to run speaker out from the SX-980 to the speaker in on the sub and be fine? The reason I ask is because at that point they are both powered and I don't know a lot, but that seems like a problem. I do know the SX-980 has a Pre-Amp out and a Power-Amp, but once you pull the jumpers you have to have both connected or no sound will come out because you are essentially by-passing one or the other.

My plan is, and tell me if this is stupid, to run speaker cable from one set of speaker terminals from A to the sub and one set from B to the sub. Then run cable from A to my, let's say L speaker and from B to my right speaker. The left will be from the L side of the A set of channels and the right from the R side of the B set of channels.

Any thoughts?

Pioneer SX-980

My first impulse is to say Don't try that; the impedance would be wrong.

If you need variable line level to the SW-450, then just use two Ys (2 male out to 1 female): plug the two males into the pre-amp out and the amp in, then use the female as your line out source. The 980 would still function normally and you would get line level out.

Pioneer SX-980

That worked like a charm!!!! Thanks Jonnysan! My vinyl sounds great!

Pioneer SX-980
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