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Pioneer SX-D500 Stereo Receiver

Hi, I've inherited a Pioneer SX-D500 Stereo Receiver in excellent condition but don't have a use for it. Can anyone advise on its value?



Value of Pioneer SX-D5000

You'll get more if you find someone who knows what you have in that receiver...I buy and sell on eBay...The SX-D5000 gets between $75-100...The SX-D7000 can get up to $200...However these values are based on demand and people with money to spend...I bought a SX-D5000 for $50 because the bass and treble slider caps were missing...There is more demand for the Pioneer SX-xx50 and SX-xx80 series...The SX-x2x and SX-x3x series are also popular...Howard