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Pioneer SX680

Hello, my father gave me his Pioneer sx680, the amplified has the following fails: with any input, radio, auxiliary, phone, Tape 1 or 2, with the headphone outputs or speakers. At 20 or 25 minutes of running the sound starts to drop, distorts a little, portrays one up and it becomes clear. If I turn off and turn on the aplificador the fault disappears and the error to occur approximately 20 minutes. On the other hand I have felt the components and do not find any hot. any ideas? Thank you.

Re: Pioneer SX680

I would check the regulator transistor and any capacitors around it. Also remove the protection relay and clean the contacts. If both channels fail at the same time I would check the power supply for bad connections and bad capacitors.

Re: Pioneer SX680

The power unit and filters They would be right, we'll see. Logic tells me that for both channels fail simultaneously, it has to be a place where failure can be shared, .Volumnen, balance, bass, treble, loudness ...? failure is very irregular ... but always in both channels.