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Pioneer SX780 pots cleaning

Hi, I picked this up in my local GW last week. Looked a little rough but lit up when plugged in so gambled on it. Once home, I hooked it up to some speakers and a turntable and cd player. It works pretty well, but I think the volume control and balance and maybe the bass and treble controls will need cleaning with Dioxit. Never done this. How much disassembly is necessary to get at the the controls for cleaning? Thanks

Re: Pioneer SX780 pots cleaning

I think you should be able to get at most if not all of the switches and controls just by removing the top cover. The controls have an opening where the three pins come out and most switches have 1 or 2 holes on the tops.

Re: Pioneer SX780 pots cleaning

Thanks, you are dead right. I removed the 4 screws and lifted off the wooden cover and could see them all, quick spray in each while I turned the knobs back and forth and all the scratchiness is gone. Gonna love this old Pioneer. Got an old Connoisseur hooked up for records and a JVC CD player. Now, if I could just get some decent FM stations, I would be set.