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Pioneer Tape Deck CT-520 Capstan Belt


The capstan belt of my tape deck has melted. Can someone give me the specs for the belt? I have the Pioneer part nr REB411, but no width and length.

I live in South Africa, and we have a local company that sell generic belts, but I need the specs to order from them. If anyone can help please.


REB411 specs

Pioneer REB411=PRB FRW8.0 inside circumfrence=8.0", width=.15", thickness=.023"


This works in a pinch:

Cut the old drive belt to reduce the length by about 10%. Make sure you use a sharp blade, and get a nice clean cut.

Practice fitting the freshly cut ends together until you can place them together accurately and hold them for a few seconds...then place just enough superglue to barely cover one end, and gently press the cut ends squarely together. Hold them for as long as it takes to get a firm cement joint.

Wipe off any glue that is squeezed out of the joint.

Use a small amount of oil (the oil on your skin works just fine) to smooth the surface of the band and remove any dirt/oxidation. Be gentle.

Replace the repaired belt......it will work until you can get a new one.

Although, I have never had a repaired belt fail.

Hey, it's cheap and it works....especially when sizing generic belts.

Good luck.