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Pioneer tx-950 tuner help

I have pioneer tx-950 tuner which was pulling in stations, but the frequency was of a little on every station (i.e. station 98.9 was tuning in as 99 mHz. So i figured this would be an easy fix , i would adjust the variable inductor resposible for the fm tuning.

The inductor was part number t201 on the schematic which i found on this web sight. It requred an allen wrench but when i tried to turn it the core broke, now stations come in but not in stereo.

The schematic shown on this websight does not give me any specs on the part so i cant order a replacement. The number printed on the case is ATE 0520 419N but i can not find any info or cross referance for this part. the part is about .5"x.5"x.75"h

I beleve that it is a shielded ferrite core inducore with plastic sleeve but i do not know any other specs. I greatlly apreciat any help.

Thanks, Greg