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Pioneer vsx-ax10i-g

Hi to all,

I need some help wit this beast of a AV receiver,I have this unit which I had in storage for almost 2 years and when I switched it
on a few days ago the unit came on but the FL display is completely black...nothing, sound is okay,selector is ok everything bar the display is working.

I checked the fuses and all test ok AC voltages are measuring 4.8v dc and 43v ac on the fuses, of course the display could be faulty as well...since this receiver is about 30kg moving it around is a big problem and I am stuck...

Please if anyone has come across this problem can you help me please



Re: Pioneer vsx-ax10i-g

Pull the display board and check to see if there are any cracks in the glass of the florescent tube; if there are it won't work again. Get a magnifying glass and look at the front of the FL display; inside you should see 4 thin dark wires running from left to right--if any wire is broken (flopping around) then the display is history. Check for poor solder connections on this board (that is, soldered pins that have rings around them). If those are OK and the voltages are normal, then I recommend replacing every electrolytic capacitor on this board.