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Pioneer VSX-D503S No Power

I own a Pioneer receiver VSX-D503S. When you push power button it has no power. I opened it and checked all fuses. It seems like they are good but for some reason power does not get to the transformer or out of it.Please can anyone help?? Thank you

Re: Pioneer VSX-D503S No Power

Some Brands uses an internal fuse in the transformer. You should measure the resistance on the main plug, when the switch is in on position. If there is no resistance the internal fuse is blown. Can open the transformer and short the transformer fuse. BUT YOU HAVE TO PUT AN EXTERNAL FUSE, OF 2,5 AT ON 230v OR 5AT on 127V.

Re: Pioneer VSX-D503S No Power

I recommend you replace the capacitors C752 and 753; these are 470uf and 10uf. Voltage rating should be around 25 volts. They will be next to a small transformer on the main board.