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Pioneer VSX-D906S fan question

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I have recently picked up a Pioneer VSX-D906S Receiver.
All appears to work fine however I notice it has a cooling fan that doesn't appear to run.
Does anyone if/when the fan on these should run?
I'm having no luck finding out and would like to know if the conditions just haven't been right for it run before I go much further trying to fix a problem that may not exist...
I have removed the fan and run about 5v through the 24v fan and it did struggle to start but with a little push it ran.
I put this down to the low voltage supply rather than a problem with the fan.
I've also looked at the thermistor (my learning for today) and it appears to be behaving as it should with resistance lowering as temp increases.
Schematics for this model are in the library here but I'm still on a learning curve reading them and relating it all back to the physical boards.
Thought before I go much further I'd try and establish if I'm chasing a fault that isn't there...
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.