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Please Service manual Sony STR-11 BS or STR-11L with parts list

Dear friends:

I salute you with great pleasure

i request service manual for Sony STR-11 BS or STR-11 L, i have only schematics but i need parts list and adjustments procedures.

Thank you


Hi, lalomarantz,

I also have a Sony STR-11 that is not working. Can you share the schematics that you have?

Thank you very much.

SONY STR-11 schematics

Dear jjke:

I am sharing schematic with great pleasure

you can download file here:


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Sony STR-11 schematics

Dear lalomarantz:

Thank you very much for the schematics. I hope to be able to repair this SONY receiver. I purchased it new in the 1970´s, and it has been returned to me by a relative, but it is not working.

Again, thank you very much,