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Pls scan sansui qr 4500 service manual

Hello i just bought a sansui qr 4500 and it has a problem so i need a service manual so i can try and fixed it. Can someone pls scan it and send it to me pls. One of the problem on this unit is some of the lights are not working and the fm is also not working. When tuning to fm station im not getting any signal at all but when i change it to am it works fine. If there is someone out there with a knowledge on how to fixed this please please let me know. thanks in advance for all of the help.


Here you go:

sansui qr 4500 service manual

Thanks Matt for your reply and i know you send me the manual for the sansui qrx 4500 but i need the qr 4500 service manual unless they are the same. so do they have the same manual.