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Polk 7C speaker question

I acquired a used pair of Polk 7C speakers, and on the back where the speaker wire posts are, is a place to put a fuse.

I looked at the manual on this site, and nothing about a fuse is shown or mentioned, which makes me think a previous owner may have installed new posts with the fuse?

Whoever last had them, bypassed the fuseblock with a piece of wire.

I have plenty of fuses, and was going to install one, but not sure what rated fuse should be used?

Thanks in advance for any information,

Monitor 7c Fuses

Some versions of the Polk speakers came with fuses and some (later) came with internal self-reseting breakers. They protect the tweeters. I believe the fuses should be 1A, 250V fast blow type. Try polkaudio.com - they have a forum you can join that has a wealth of info on all the speakers, including schematics for them (look under the Vintage Speaker sub-forum).