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Problem with TEAC A-H500i - please help?

Hi folks

I found the manual for my TEAC A-H500i on this site - thanks v. much!

My amp has a fault which I'm trying to diagnose. The whole right channel is silent. I've switched the cabling and sources around and both speakers are definitely working (also tried headphones). Nothing. If I turn it up quite loud, I can faint crackling and popping in the right channel, but that's all.

I took the outer casing off and there is only one fuse visible (that I can see) and it is OK.

Does anyone have experience with this lovely amp? Any idea what might be the problem?

Thanks very much in advance

Re: Problem with TEAC A-H500i - please help?

Could be poor contacts in either the protection relay (ry21) or the audio switching relay (ry11); poor connections in the audio amplifier; or bad components in the amp.