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Problems with playback__TEAC 4070G

OK. Here's the deal..

I have used this deck since the early 1980's. It was my Dad's, and now I have inherited it. Along with the deck, I have all his band tapes dating from the 1950's thru the 1970's. I have played some of them recently with NO ISSUES.

All of a sudden, I'm getting different tracks coming out of the left & right channels during playback on the old tapes. They are both playing directionally (i/e one is not sounding backwards) but still...2 separate recordings are playing at the same time. This does not happen on tapes I have recorded recently (some CD's I put on new Quantegy tape).

What gives?

Re: Problems with playback__TEAC 4070G

You might have a head switching problem, a tape path problem or the tapes may have been recorded on a different deck that had bad head alignment.

Re: Problems with playback__TEAC 4070G

Well, like I mentioned...this problem is recent and has never presented itself before on these tapes. They used to play perfectly. Tape path is correct..

Head switching problem, eh? That sounds the most likely. Can you explain more about that? Is that a mechanical action that dis-engages heads, or something electronic?

Re: Problems with playback__TEAC 4070G

It is probably controlled through a relay. I don't have the manual for the 4070G.