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Promenade Prom 3 speakers - any info?

Hi. Does anyone have any information on Promenade speakers?

This is my first post on the site, although I've been a frequent visitor in the past and found it very useful and informative. I have two vinyl-based systems in my home and an ever-growing collection of speakers including Ruark Prelude IIs, B&W DM14s, Celestion UL8s and Celestion Ditton 44s.

I was recently given a pair of Promenade Prom 3 floorstanding speakers by someone who told me that they thought they were hand-built and expensive, but didn't know anything else about them as they had belonged to her husband. I can't find a single mention of this speaker manufacturer on the internet which seems strange as they are very well-constructed speakers. The cabinets are made from what appears to be real oak veneer and have clearly been built by craftsmen. They are a two way design with a rear bass port and are bi-wireable. A label on the rear states 'Manufacturers of high quality monitor loud speakers' and 'Made in England'. I would love to have more information on Promenade speakers and these Prom3 floorstanders in particular if anyone can help. When were they made? Were they reviewed in the hi-fi press? Specs? Does anyone else out there own any Promenades, and if so, what do you think of them?

I look forward to your responses.