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Protector mode

Sony has a Protector mode on Its STR DA30ES(50,80) AV systems. Sony says to unplug for 30 mins., but this doesn't work. Unplug everything you can inside. It worked all day and so I reassembled. Protector came back with (FAN) beside it. No fan? After unplugging, it is back to just PROTECTOR. Sony says send to repair service. Service manual gives no glue. Anyone have any Idea?

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Re: Protector mode

Hello Jack...I have the experience to fixed my Sony STR-DB940 (same syndrome " in protection mode"), my receiver used the same IC ( UPC2581V) with your STR-DA30ES (look at IC501and IC601 page 18 at main board 2/3), but mine was burnt.. that time I replaced all of them ( 3 pcs ), and based on the STR-DA30ES schematic, I see this receiver using a lot of Fuse Resistor ( with this sign " ! " in a triangle ), change all the Fuse Resistor with a 1% 0,5 watt metal film resistor ( same value with the old one). and check all capacitors around that IC.(usually there had 1 or 2 pcs faulty capacitors or open )
First...change the nearest fuse resistor to the IC and than.... track down all fuse resistor to the power rails (at Main board, including from the power supply, if any ).
that's all I can help Jack, I hope you successfully repair your receiver and please forgive me my bad English (because English not my native language), but at least you understand me what I want to telling to you ).
keep inform the result of your receiver's repair.

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Re: Protector mode

Thank you and I will follow your instructions. Will reply when I complete.