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Purchasing parts from Onkyo????

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Hello everyone, I received and Onkyo A-5 amplifier from a friend after he let the genie out of the case.
I opened the cover and found the primary output channel board had some rather smoked components.
I would like to thank the member who uploaded the service manual for this amplifier. Ok, I call and emailed Onkyo, they send me to a tech shop 500 miles from my shop. Called the shop for parts and no deal. I called the service line to Onkyo, of coarse their main service distribution is on the east coast.
My point is, I trying to buy the board loaded with components, I have already ordered new output transistors, been digging for some other components, incase I can't get the board.
Has anyone here had any luck getting parts if your not part of the elite service centers, or have close friends associated to help ascertain parts?
I'm a master CET and PMEL professional , kind of benign to send my equipment out to a service shop.


Re: Purchasing parts from Onkyo????

According to HFE site, the A-5 is well over 10 years old. That being the case, I would doubt Onkyo has any complete circuit board assemblies available. I worked for a US pro-audio company for over 20 years and we only sold complete boards to authorized service agents simply because it avoided inexperienced technicians blowing up parts then wanting refund / credit / exchange. Similarly, we had complete stuffed PCBs available for roughly four years after model was discontinued. Discrete components availability was dependent on how many models used a particular device. All this being said, I suggest a complete tear-down and refurbishment of the entire unit. Even a smoke damaged, burnt PCB can be resurrected --- worst case, scan the traces, lay out a new one, have a board house fabricate a replacement unit. Most all semiconductors can be substituted so getting spares to rebuild product should be viable. Check out https://alltransistors.com/ for data sheets and specific parameters as well as substitutes. Digikey, Mouser, Newark and many other vendors offer through-hole components, vintage spare parts specialists exists as well. A-5 and later A-05 are very fine models, worthy of complete restorations.

Re: Purchasing parts from Onkyo????

Many manufacturers only want authorized service centers to work on their equipment, and will not sell parts to individuals or owners, even out of warranty.