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quad 303/33

Several years ago a friends dad had a quad 303/33 set up which i was amazed by,both the sound and the look of them.i am now considering trying to obtain one of these set ups but i am a bit confused by their cable set ups. Do they have their own quirky interconnects etc. If anyone could enlighten me please.

Re: quad 303/33

All inputs on the 33 pre-amp, DISC ( not Compact Disc ) Radio 1, Radio 2 and Tape are 5 pole DIN.
The output from the 33 pre to the 303 power-amp is 4 pole DIN.
Radio 1 input on the 33 is non standard wired with an extra mono connection special for the FM3 which have a separate mono output before the MPX decoder. Input sensitivity is for radio 1 and 2 input 100mV ( -20dBV ), for disc selectable MM 2mV and 5.6mV, 100mV for ceramic cartridge and a spare ( can be configured for 300mV Compact Disc ) Tape replay can be set at 1V ( 0dBV ), 400mV ( -8dBV )and 100mV ( -20dBV ) and tape record can be set at 100mV ( -20dBV ), 20mV ( -34dBV )and 3.7mV ( -49dBV ).

See documents to be found on HiFi Engine.

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Re: quad 303/33

Thanks for that Paul.