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Quad 34 Sensitivity

Does anyone know the resistor values hidden in the plug-in 'Flags' for various sensitivity settings, especially the 'Tape Record' output, for the Quad 34?

Thanks for any information,

Les W.

Quad 34 Sensitivity

Hello Les.

For the QUAD 34 ISS 3, from serialnumber 8001 till the last produced:
Radio is fixed 100mV
CD and TAPE in: for 100mV - none, for 300mV - 18k, for 500mV - 10k, for 775mV - 5.6k
RECORD OUT: for 100mV - none, for 200mV - 2.2k, for 300mV - 1k

X1 and X2 are bridges providing extra record out on the CD input bus if it is a DIN version or on the extra chinch busses on a chinch version.

note: the 100mV flag's contain 1Meg resistors and had no noticeable effect and can therefore left out.