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Quad FM3 bulbs and mute preset needed.

Hi folks,

First post, so please bear with me!

I've just acquired a Quad FM3 tuner - had one of these years ago but the MC1305 stereo decoder packed up and I couldn't get one.

This one needs one of the bulbs replacing and the mute preset has fallen to bits.
I suspect the tuner has been dropped as the chassis is bent and the tuning knob damaged. I can sort all these out, but need to know where I can get:

Mute preset.
Mains lead female plug - Bulgin type.

Preferably all in the same place to save trawling around eBay, but I've checked my usual suppliers and no luck.

Thanks in advance.

Quad FM3 bulbs and mute preset needed.

have you tried jaycar electronics they might have them

Quad FM3 bulbs and mute preset needed.

Hi MD,

No, but just had a look and cannot see any LES bulbs there.
However, after a bit of intensive Googlery this place has them:
So, ordered a 20 pack!

Also, got the 4K7 mute preset from a friend, so all sorted; just need to do the cosmetic bits and check / fix the electronics now.