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question about the jvc rx-1010v


i hope one off you guys could give me some advice.

my old jvc receiver is dead and because i like them very much i wan t to a similar one again. I found a RX-1010 and a and a rx-1010v but both are missing the original remote.
Because the are vintage i was wondering if the even exist today. Will these two models run on universal remotes? or is it better to walk away

if anyone is interested in a rx-9v for parts you can have it for free, otherwise i will throw ot away


Re: question about the jvc rx-1010v


Most of the time buying used equipments I face the same problems as you

Lucky me I own a samsung s4 that still have the ir transmitter inside and I found an app called

MyRemocon with that I was able to control a lot of this old and new Equipment ...

If you're luky and patient you can find on ebay an JVC RM-S1 that is an universal remote from jvc same as the RM-
SR1010U that are you looking for ..

about the rx-9v pm me ...