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Question adding in-line amp for outdoor speakers

Hello, all!

I am new to this forum, so hope I am not breaking any faux-pas. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

I have a Harmon Kardon HK 430 in my living room, and I absolutely love the thing.
My questions stems around using this as a multi-room receiver. Can it be done? The details: I have this thought to use the b channel to run wires to a pair of outdoor speakers. Should/can I get a tube amp after the receiver to the wire, then to volume control, and finally to speakers.

Do you know (as I was not sure about the results of my internet-ing): are the speaker outputs able to be amplified, and if so what sort of amplification do you recommend? I am getting 50W outdoor speakers, and running the line approximately 50 feet (with navigation of walls, etc). I have been looking at some 100W/channel X2 amps, but want to be sure I won't break anything. I would like to also stick with tube, but want to first figure out if this is necessary/doable/advisable. Thanks a million!

Re: Question adding in-line amp for outdoor speakers

I would not try to amplify speaker level audio.
I would recommend line output to a control amplifier that has a volume control. You would need shielded cables of course. 50 feet of cable may pick up some noise, depending what electrical devices are around. You might have to place this cable in conduit that is grounded.
You might consider getting a second receiver instead of an amplifier.