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Question regarding Luxman Amp L-430

I recently bought a used Luxman L-430 Integrated Amplifier, and I'm trying to figure out how best to plug in my IPOD and be able to hear through both the inside and outside speakers. I'm using a Denon Pre-Main Amp for the outdoor speakers.
I was told to plug the IPOD into the Tape Monitor plugs, and then depress the Monitor button on the Luxman. That works for having sound inside, but not outside too.
I have the Dennon plugged into the tape Record Out plugs on the Luxman, and the Aux plugs on the Dennon.
I can hear the tuner, the phono, and the CD player on all speakers when the record button is depressed on the Luxman...but not the IPOD.
I've tried depressing the Tape 1-2 dubbing button also.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you...