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Realistic Receiver STA 46 volume control

I'm looking for a volume/off control for my STA 46. This one is shot. Can someone help me find one? Does anyone have a part number for it? And what other models will work for me? Thanks in advance.

Re: Realistic Receiver STA 46 volume control

I might be able to help some: (1) There is a schematic diagram on page 11 of the user's manual posted to this website that may provide a clue. (2) Based on just cosmetic appearance, STA-14,-14A,-18,-18B, & -75 were all made in the same 1973-74 time frame as your STA-46. Assuming they were made by the same contractor in Japan, you might get a match for your Off/Volume switch. (3) I recently picked up an STA-46 recently (catalog #31-2026A) but it will be a while before I open it up. Hope this helps! - JWS

Re: Realistic Receiver STA 46 volume control

Thank You. Let me know if you will be parting out the STA 46. If price is right I may be interested in the Off/Volume switch. Meanwhile I will continue my search. Scott