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Realistic SCT-26 information

Greetings all! I just obtained a Realistic SCT-26 stereo cassette deck (catalog #14-626) and I have been unable to find any information or even a picture of it on the web, or by searching through the Realistic general catalogs site. It appears to be a lower-end model of 1982-83 vintage because cosmetically it resembles an SCT-22A but has the "soft-touch" controls of an SCT-32. Does anyone have any information on this model or can point to a source? Many thanks....

Re: Realistic SCT-26 information

Just by accident, I came across an owners manual for the short-lived Realistic SCT-26 model. The schematic has already been posted and the users manual will be submitted for posting soon. Does anyone else own or have had experience with this model, particularly with changing out the belts?

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I was able to find the following sales ad:


It looks like this was probably an in-between model that was discontinued before the next catalog came out. It may have been listed in a 1982 Christmas catalog. The cassette medium was still evolving at this point in time so I am not surprised that it didn't last very long. I believe Dolby C was released around that time frame.


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First, many thanks to "rbakley" for his quick response. I looked at the Oct 1982 add associated with your link and I tend to agree with you that it was a short-lived item. That is unfortunate, because it will make ordering replacement bands and obtaining an owners/service manual somewhat difficult.

At some point in the future I will submit a picture of it for the HiFi gallery so that there is something of it on record. - JWS

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It is possible that deck was either part Hitachi or Sharp as Radio Shack around that time was using both mfg to supply some of their home cassette decks.

As to Dolby C, Radio Shack decks didn't start having it until the 1983 Catalog (do note that some New for 1983 decks were available in late 1982 as stated with the description of the New For deck/gear in the catalog in fine print next to the unit).

As for belts & idler tires you will have better luck & save yourself some money IF you measure the belts & idler tire (IF the originals are still intact). IF the belts are broken or melted you can use a string wrapped around the proper pulleys & then measure the string for the length/diameter. For even more help I suggest you check out & sign up to the Tapeheads site as tape decks is their main focus though they do help with service questions on other audio gear.

Re: Realistic SCT-26 information

Thank you for your good information, and I will check out the Tapeheads site!