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Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual


I'm looking for a User Manual for a Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer (circa 1989, catalogue number 32-9005).

Any help gratefully received!


Re: Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual

Hi Ray.

I am figuring that this is not a USA version Radio Shack mixer. What country do you live in?

I did a quick look at the "Radio Shack Catalog" website that lists the USA Radio Shack Catalogs. I know the Radio Shacks outside of the US had different products that were not available to the US Radio Shacks & visa-versa. I did NOT see your mixer listed.

Are you sure about the vintage of your mixer? I ask this because I went to the 1998 (10 yrs newer) catalog & they had the SSM prefix & model #. The earlier mixers didn't have a "Model" # only had a Catalog #.

Re: Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual

Dear dh390,

Very many thanks for responding to my plea for help!

I am in the UK and I believe that you are correct that there were different models/names for diiferent markets.

Since I posted my appeal, I have come across the following website:


This has two great photos of this item, confirms that the catalogue number was/is 32-9005 and also seems to suggest that maybe it was only around in 1989. Certainly, it was succeeded by the SSM-2200 (I have TWO of them AND the User Manual!).

Thanks again,

Still in hope that some kind soul can assist(!),



Re: Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual

That pic did help. And once I saw that pic I knew it looked familiar. It looks EXACTLY like the Radio Shack SMM-1000 CAT# 32-3001 which was New for 1994 (per the '94 USA Radio Shack Catalog) and was last seen in the 1997 USA Radio Shack Catalog. Look at the Radio Shack Catalog website http://www.radioshackcatalogs.com/catalog_directory.html it shows all the USA RS catalogs and some other cool things. It is also a great resource, BUT be warned NOT everything listed in the catalogs made it into the stores and NOT everything that made it into the stores was listed in the catalogs, a good majority of it was though in both the catalogs & the stores.

Likely the only major diff is the voltage (the US being 120VAC 60Hz and the UK being 220VAC at 50Hz) and the labeling on it the US versions being marked "Radio Shack SMM-1000" and the UK / Europe being marked "Realistic SMM-2100".

As for the year I am UNSURE IF they are correct or not. And I say this because I have seen way too many times on Ebay a seller WRONGLY state/list a year on a piece of equipment & what they state has been a lot of times WAY off the mark like up to decades off. So UNLESS you have UK / Europe Tandy/Radio Shack catalogs (DID Tandy UK / Europe put out Catalogs?) to look at and/or an Original sales receipt showing the sales date for one of them sold in the UK, the date could still be up in the air as far as being accurate/correct.

As a side note I KNOW for a FACT that Radio Shack of Canada DID put out Catalogs. And in the later years (starting at least in the later 80s) some of the products WERE DIFFERENT than what was available in the US & some was the same.

So hopefully with this added info you will now be able to find what you are looking for/need as this will expand your possible sources for info.

Re: Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual

You sir, are a star!

A quick google for "SSM-1000 User Manual" and within a couple of minutes I had downloaded 4 copies from different sites (although strangely, none with any illustrations in them.....!).

The manual is dated "9/94" - is headed "SM-1000" (not SSM-1000!) and on page two (only) claims to be for a SSM-2200! These must be typos because elsewhere it DOES use "SSM-1000"....

It would also seem that at one time you could download User Manauals from Radio Shack itself - but no longer it would appear....

Very many thanks,


Re: Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual

Radio Shack still has the documents on a server somewhere. I just used Archive.org (Wayback machine) to search radioshack.com. The capture from December of 1996 brought up this link: https://web.archive.org/web/19970411220404/http://support.tandy.com/supp...
Grab the parts list and exploded views while they are still available. FYI I worked on hundreds of Numark mixers and this one looks very similar. Perhaps Numark was the OEM for Radio Shack.

Re: Realistic SSM-2100 Mixer User Manual

Thank you analogcd - we have TWO stars on Hifiengine!

I have jumped at your advice and copied all of the info you pointed me to. Although much of it is identical to the previous downloads of the User Manual itself, the parts list and exploded diagram are new to me however so, once again, many thanks for that!

Of much wider interest to others, however, is this "archive.org" resourse - I certainly didn't previously know it existed.