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Realistic STA-2000D

Looking for the owners manual of the Realistic STA-2000D receiver.

STA-2100 is on the Realistic

STA-2100 is on the Realistic page here.
It's VERY close.
I too have an STA-2000D
STA-850 (with Manual)

Sta-2000 service manual

hi my name is chris im in need of the dc offset and amp idle bias procedures..... my email is scby924@yahoo. i cant find it anywhere... if someone can help, i'd appreaciate it...

STA 2000 receiver

Did you ever find out the information that you were looking for concerning your STA 2000 receiver? I have been struggling with mine for 4 hours now, and I just realized the trouble is apparently low voltage to the speaker relay. I only get 2.8 volts to close the relay. I doubt that this is enough, but I don’t know the factory specs. It could be a bad relay that is supposed to work on 3v, or it might be the board that sends too low a voltage to close this relay. Did you find a schematic? If so please send it to me.