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Realistic STA-80

I request manuals for the Realistic STA-80 Stereo Receiver.

Re: Realistic STA-80

Look at available service manuals for similar Realistic models from the same year or so, say STA-82; there`s a chance they are similar enough. I just repaired the amp section in STA-20 using service manual for STA-21, the amplifier boards are almost identical in terms of parts and layout. Maybe you`ll get lucky too.

Re: Realistic STA-80

I am also in need of the service manual for the Realistic STA-80.

Re: Realistic STA-80

I searched high and low for any manuals for this model and came up empty. I did find the Radio Shack catalog page with the specs. You can see it here:


If you navigate to page 8 in the flash player you can see a full page description of this model.