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Receiver display glass

This has probably been discussed, but I am a newbie, so I apologize in advance.
Has anyone any product recommendations for removing or diminishing scratches on a receiver display glass? Specifically a HK 3480.

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Is it glass or plastic? Novus plastic polish may be OK; if it is glass I would think replacement is the only solution.

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Hey Johnnysan! I appreciate the recommendation. Yes, some sort of plastic I believe - not sure what type - polycarbonate maybe. I thought about Novus or Flitz. You thinking the Novus 1-2-3?
I contacted HK and the HK Authorized service folks - no one seems to know the composition - and naturally, 10years old - no part available.
I'll order some Novus and give it a whirl in a corner or something- see what happens.
Many thanks for the reply-

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Re: Receiver display glass

Don't laugh at me, but I use Meguiar's Mirror Glaze Pro Fine-cut cleaner (2). They have a heavy cut version for deep scratches, but this works great to get out surface scuffs/scratches and discolorations. I dab a bit on a lint free cloth and lightly buff the area. Careful if there is any printed text on the plastic; it is possible if you rub too hard, it may take it off. I would really caution using the heavy cut version on anything with printed text. If it is an open area, start with heavy cut and then finish with the fine cut. then buff with a clean cloth to remove the excess. BTW...I always tape off surrounding plastics so that any over wipe wont get on stuff you don't want it to.