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Receiver/Turntable/Speaker Combo Question

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I've picked up a number of components, all from different eras. Some I bought at thrift stores, inherited, or purchased from private sellers. One day I plan to plug and play various combos, but I thought I would begin with advice from you experts. Thanks in advance. Here it goes:

Receiver - Pioneer QX 945 vs. Harmon Kardon 680i. The HK is perfect. The Pioneer cuts out periodically on one of the channels. I had it cleaned/repaired last year already.

Turntable - Newer Audio Technica AT-PL120 vs. vintage PL 71. Both work fine

Advice on speakers, I'd like to have a 4 speaker set up. All work great:

DLK 1 1/2

Teledyne Olson SS-930 (I like them because they are smaller and fit my living room better, along with the larger sets you see here).

Sansui 7070

Jensen Model 4

Again, any help on a solid combo is appreciated.