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recomendation please...

Please I would like to ask what the people here think they would reccomend as the best matching speaker for an Kenwood Basic M2 AMP with an Kenwood Model Basic C1 pre-amp. I use this system as my computer amp but I am in dier need of new speakers. Thanks for everything you do here on this site...HILLSATCOM@YAHOO.COM... Jim Hill

If you're looking for new,

If you're looking for new, check out what's available by matching the amp output to the speaker and see how well they're driven. Looking for used, then check your local GW, thrift store, cr*igs listings or other local papers. I've found some outstanding values at the local thrift store. One thing to check if you're going 'used' is see if the speaker foam ring is still in good shape, domes not pushed in, cones not cut, etc., etc. About a week ago, I found some Sansui floor speakers, three way including the horn tweeter for less than $60! Speakers were in great shape and cabinets showing very little wear, but the sound! Good luck in your search.