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Recording On Teac 3340S


First time recording.....I am trying to record voice and pre-recorded CD music on my 3340S using 2 channel. I have the CD deck inserted on the back line input for channels 1 and 3 with record buttons on. Then I plug the mic in the front in channel 1. The meters show input on 1 and 3, and I can hear it on headphones....but after recording, playback output for 1 and 3 has music but no voice.

Am I suposed to record voice on rear 3 and 4? If so, I then can't plug in headphones for fron and rear unless I get a Y cable. Or, am I to activate simul-sink for 1 and 3?

Any help on recording this way is appreciated. I also have the Teac mixer but haven't used it.