hifi engine


Please help i was being redirected to google page as i try to view page on hifiengine. Does anyone have same problem. thanks


Heartful thanks to the MODERATOR


I'm thankful that i still welcome to this site even though i was block twice. This is the only site i found pleasure and contented being a electronic hobbyist. Many thanks specially to the moderator of this site and I think is it you JAS... and specially to the people who contribue one to the other to make this web site a useful to the field of electronics.. Once again many thanks to you JAS its now working fine so far



IP Used

I used two modems one is a dsl router and the other one is a wifi linksys my linksys connect to my dsl modem thas has an IP address of while my linksys has an ip adress of hope it will resolve sooner

thanks JAS


Hi, Sorry, they are local

Sorry, they are local network IP addresses. I need the IP address that your service provider has given you? You can find it by visiting a site such as http://www.whatismyip.com/ using the connection that is failing.


site access

Hi, It sounds like your IP address is on the server ban list? This can happen if your service provider is used by spammers/hackers and they allocate you a 'tainted' IP address. If you can let me know which IP address is failing I'll look into it.


IP Redirected second time around

OK, i check already my IP and it is please help me with this one JAS, again thnx and regards

This is the second time around that i was being block.

more power



Thanks for that, I think I've found the problem :)

Let me know if it's working now?