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reel to reel tape

I want to try and buy recording tape and reel for old Sony TC-800, can anyone tell me correct details for this tape - width, thickness, and material.
With thanks for any help

Re: reel to reel tape

You need standard quarter inch ( 1/4") audio tape with a thickness of 35, 25 or 18 micrometer (µm). New available tape like RMGI LPR35 or PM974 can be used but is not available on 5 inch reels, you need to wind-over yourself. 50micrometer thick tape can give problems and it doesn't make sense to use it on such tape machine. RMGI have still empty 5 inch reels on their accessory list but I have no idea about availability. In the UK you might contact SVSMEDIA. If you can find second hand Maxell UD18, UD25 and UD35 can be used as well but is normally wind on 7 inch reels. Many other second hand available tapes can be used but keep in mind that these tapes can be aged and might let lose the bonding agent leaving a lot of dirt on the tape guides and heads of the tape machine and the tape might "shrieks" while playing and leave hard to remove deposit on the tape heads.

Enjoy your vintage SONY TC800
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