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Repair tech needed in Philly, PA bucks county area for a Apt Holman pre amp

Hello all, I'm new here but have been accessing this site for some time and finely need your help. I was originally from the Chicago area and I guess I was pretty spoiled because I never seem to have trouble finding people to repair equipment like I do now. all my equipment is getting on in age just like me. Only the equipment can be made young again by a good tech! In one week of incredible use I think I finely have over stressed some of the individuals.
First off is my pioneer spec 4 amp started sounding a little off in one channel which i've verified after seeing one channel was considerably lower than the other even though the outputs were set at the same level. I started thinking dirty pots just need to be cleaned.then my Apt Holman pre amp went goofy as well.turning on the processor switch would kill the system completely speaker balancing was changing output levels to different levels than normal and there are other controls on the component that was not acting properly,so I'm now considering that I do have a problem in the amp, but my more serious ones are in the preamp.
Folks I have been warned on the Internet not to take my beloved preamp to some 19-year-old tech used to fixing TVs and I would agree with that. My problem is,I've searched the area far and wide and can't even find anybody that services audio equipment! that's crazy to me coming from an area that I could find just about anything or any kind of repairman within 50 to 75 miles to handle any kind of repair I could trouble someone with.
Now there was some guy named Vince in Boston MA that is supposed to be the almighty wizard of the Apt HolmAn preamp. And I think I heard of him some where on this site. Can anyone help me in someone local? Preamps are really no problem to ship but the power amp is a killer to ship weight wise and cost wise. Then I have a slow running Pioneer Rt 909 that most techs won't touch because of skill level and then I have a Pioneer
PL-L 800 turn table that I think needs a motor. Please help me people "I can't stand The silence" I'm not equipped to operate without music.
Don Eggert

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I am located in Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY, but a bit further than your limits to Philly. Too bad I just came back from Lancaster County on my annual early December "Bacon Trip" with my 2 adult sons.

I do repairs for others, typically on the Audio Karma site. I recently did a RT909 for a fellow in North Carolina, and some very high end DBX stuff (power amps, and pre amps) for a friend in Boston. I typically work on vintage units from 1967 to 1983. I am skilled at reel to Reel, Receivers, Amps, Cassette decks, 8 tracks (Yes I said 8 track), turntables, pre amps, tuners, reverb units, equalizers, band equipment, 2 channel, quad etc.

While I wish I was a 19 year old tech, I can only dream. At 19, I was in the USAF being trained on avionics equipment repair, in the year 1970. I worked on Audio/sound equipment from 1973 to 1980 full time, and part time 1980 to 1990. five years ago, I started back into audio repair, repairing and restoring units I got on ebay and craigs list. and now that I am semi retired, I continue in the repair field.
Tom Brander

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Hello Tom, First off Thank you for replying to my post. I still may consider the repair of my preamp with you. Do you allow for mail delivery to your residence? Because I would mail this item to you. Have you ever worked on an "apt Holman " preamp before? I would want the whole thing cleaned and checked and all biases adjusted.every function of this preamp gone over and only quality parts reinstalled into this unit if necessary for replacements . I am having unusual problems with my complete system and seeing that it's all from the same era. I'm have trouble figuring out which units are the problem. I loose total sound sometimes just by switching off my processor switch. This switch controls my pioneer SG9800 graphic equalizer. I also loose power output in one channel when using my switching R>L or L It was ashame that I didn't get this help post out earlier because I would have loved to let you work your Magic on my reel to reel. It's just running slow and I belive it just needs a good cleaning. I don't think that the reel to reel has more than a few hundred hours on it if that. I am the original owner on all my equipment. Maybe in a future run to my area we can work something out. I'm just across the Delaware from Trenton and I'm thankful for the separation.
Thank you again

Don Eggert

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No I never worked on a apt Holman, or at least don't recall one, but have worked on many others. I believe like most preamps, they are pretty straight forward.

Your issues with this preamp seem to be either dirty switch related, or possible bad connections by the switches. Any intermittant problems caused by "switching" are usually not component related. The onlt time this happens is when a small signal capacitor get leaky, causing DC voltage to be present on the switch contacts. All depending on the type of switch, you can usually spray the inside with special deoxit cleaners and other cleaner/lube products meant for that purpose. At time even these products don't fix it all, and at time I take switches apart to physically clean and polish the contacts to get rid of "scratching or intermittants"
Preamps usually don't have any biases or adjustments, as these adjustments are only in units with "power amps" or tuners.

If you would like to discuss further you can send me a private message.

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Thank you very much Tom for all your input. Do you still accept repairs via mail for work? And can you send your shipping information with phone and address information to my email so we can chat in regards to this repair.
Thank you
Don Eggert

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Tom -

I am located in manhattan and have a question for you. I recently had a tech group in the hudson valley refurnish my vintage Pioneer 828 receiver which i inherited. It sounds great; the only issue is i am not getting good FM reception. I am using one of those T antennas and have it up. reception much better at night.

any recommendations?



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I am not sure what was done in the "refurnish", as many people do different things.
Standard items they do are deoxit controls and switches, replace capacitors, sometimes transistors that are noisy, and repair bad solder connections.
Clean and detai;l the unit is many times done as well.
Other services are LED conversion, replacing bulbs with LED's may times blue, green, or whoite.
Other services are AM/FM alignment (RF section, IF sections, and FM MUX section)

Not sure what was done on your pioneer SX-828, but it sounds like it needs a good FM alignment, especially if you are not getting good signal strength. I am in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, use a T antenna in my basement, and still get 4 out of 5 on signal strength. You can also try to move your antenna so that it is fully spread, or move it position 90 degrees, to see if that improves reception.

or send me a private message