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Replacement Castle Severn Bass / Mid Driver Wanted

I have a pair of Castle Severn 2 speakers, that are approximately 12 years old and one of the bass drive units in one of the speakers has been damaged having been knocked over by our dog.

Two issues:

• The paper diaphragm behind the speaker cone has been partially detached although I understand that this can happen for other reasons and can be reattached with Araldite or similar

• The inner tube to which the speaker electrical connections are made and which moves over the wound coil in the speaker centre is catching and consequently distorting the sound output. This can be temporarily alleviated by lightly pressing on the speaker cone rubber in a particular direction and if done speaker operation is restored to normal.

Does anyone have any ideas how to effect a repair or a working drive unit to sell?

The bass drive unit in the Castle Severn 2’s is a 150mm cast chassis unit with a woven carbon fibre