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Replacement dial string for a Nordemende Galaxy Mesa 7000

My mother brought this radio with her from Germany in 1971 I think. It's sat in my folk's basement for many years and I'm not sure what all is wrong. I know it needs new fuses and a powercord replaced but I've noticed the 2nd knob down from the top is very hard to turn. I do know it needs the string replaced and I have no idea where to get some. Nothing looks black or burned in the electronics and I've been spraying it with electrical cleaner. It has several years of gunk and dust so I'm taking my time hosing it down with the cleaner. I just downloaded and saved the schematics. Now I just need to find some string because it's either broken or getting ready to. Can someone help me find replacement string? Thanks for your time!

Dial cord

Hi try this web site for your dial cord i bought some from them and it worked great, www.vintage-electronics.net it's under misc parts $5.50 for 20 feet. If you can take pictures with digital camera of the way it is wound it is very help full in putting it back on. And be carefull with the contact cleaner sometimes it is more harmfull then helpfull. good luck.