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replacing lamps in Marantz sr1000 receiver

can anyone give me info on lamps i need and installation for a Marantz sr1000 receiver?

Re: replacing lamps in marantz sr1000 receiver

I think those are 8 volt 100ma lamps with leads. In the past I have taken the 8 volt fuse type lamps apart and pulled the lamp out; these are close enough. To get the fuse type lamps apart use a soldering iron on the end caps.

Re: replacing lamps in marantz sr1000 receiver

i believe they are lead type that are soldered in as opposed to wire leads that i could just splice wires i dont have receiver yet but have been told lamps are out seems to be common on old stuff i need to call marantz to find out exact right bulb it is hard for me to tell on schematic how do they indicate wire leads on schematic? thanks for the reply