hifi engine

Reporting Errors and Omissions

While every care is taken to provide accurate information in the database and library, the occasional error or omission is unavoidable. Note also that published data in brochures, owners and service manuals can vary.

However, there are ways you can help us to improve the accuracy of the information:


    If you spot a typo or an error where the data on a model page doesn't match that in the provided documentation, please leave a comment on that page and the data will be checked against the document and corrected as necessary.

    Note that some published performance specifications are given at specific frequencies or for short term loads. Where possible the continuous figure within the audible range will be given on the page, for example continuous power output both channels driven at 20Hz to 20kHz rather then peak power at 1kHz etc

New/Updated data

    If you have new information regarding a model ie specs, year etc, please upload a scan for the library. Please don't just leave a comment saying 'the data for xxx is wrong' or 'I have a document that states a different figure' without providing the supporting documentation first. Such posts will simply be deleted. Note that links to websites that publish differing figures are not supporting evidence. Where documents (eg catalogues, owners and service manual) state different specifications for the same component, a representative figure will be published. Published specifications are for comparison only.

Library Images

    If you spot an image on a library page that doesn't match the description, please leave a comment on that page and it will be checked and corrected as necessary. Note that a library page may cover several different versions of a model, so the main picture may be of any version covered by that page eg mk1, mk2. This is not an error.

comments made to report errors/typos are removed after the error has been checked and/or fixed

And most of all, remember to be polite and constructive in your comments, thanks :)