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Request Service Manual For AKAI BUSH Stereo Amplifier AM-A1

I bounced across this forum today, found it informative on many hi-tech applications etc. My issue is about Audio System. I was using till 2 weeks ago AKAI PRO-1 (AKAI-BUSH- CDK)with AM A1 Amplifier (25x25 RMS 4Ohms Drivers - 2pairs/sets Speaker SYstem A & B)The Sanyo IC STK-4141-II conked out. The local service centre in Hyderabad ( Supposed to be reputed!) fixed STK-4141-V and returned it un repaired,collecting his charges promptly. I was happy to get my amp back in one piece home. This syustem is dear to my entire family.My children grew up with it for 20 years, and none of us can live w/o music for a day. No other commercial system could satisfy our needs, (Except highly priced Dennon high end ones) I was not happy with ONKYO. I miss the AMA-1 which had brilliant reproduction of all range signals without distortion, and with a great punch. I searched on the internet for COSMIC etc, and could not find any now. It is deplorable that all the good things have become a past in India.. Can anyone help me as to what I should do? The IC version II is not available currently, unless I import it from CHina/Germany, which would cost me abot $100 including FED EX $64. Pl help..Thanks & Regards.. -