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first time on this site. i'm impressed.

now, to subject at hand. i had my JBL36's refoamed (2 pair) after sitting unused for 20 years. perfect ! however, when i was connecting the speaker cables, one of the binding posts on each pair broke. (speakers are about five years apart in manufacture date.) The early pair has the dreaded spring-loaded post, and the later pair has the even worse push-and-twist disasters. both posts are counter-sunk and mounted from the inside.

i'm guessing the only way to fix this is to remove the woofers and replace the posts with true screw-knob posts, sealing them as tight as possible (ported speakers, right?)

If there is another way, please give me your ideas.


(aside : had a TEAC A2340SX years ago and spent thousands of hours recording local vocalists and musicians. fast forward to last september, when my 20-year old son tells me he wants to go anaolgue. i did the ebay, craigslist, kijiji thing, but most seemed dodgy. i found a TEAC A3340S that looked promising, took a drive and "quelle suprise". this unit had been sitting in its original shipping carton, in its original display carton and there was not a spec of dust - truly mint. story goes that the unit was used for documentary film short for less than 10 hours. bought it, had it bench tested and serviced - techie said it was in perfect condition. some times things do work out ( btw, $400 CAD)