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Retro Sony Hi Fi Manual & Info

Hello, new to this forum, I would like to ask if anyone knows where I can obtain a user manual for the Sony LBT-V925 and also approx dates of manufacturing/history of unit (is this a middle of the range component system etc?)

Anything would be helpful


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Re: Retro Sony Hi Fi Manual & Info

Hi... sony_retro, Sorry... don't have the User (Owner's) Manual but I have all the Service Manual for LBT-V925CD Component (TA-V925EE Preamp_TA-V925NE Power Amp_TC-V925E Cassette deck_ST-V925E Tuners [same with ST-V901L]_CDP-V925E CD Player ). All the SM has been successfully uploaded, and it's will appear in the library in a few days, hope it help's


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Re: Retro Sony Hi Fi Manual & Info

Many thanks for this. It is a start.