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Revox A77 with Quad 33 pre-amp, HELP!

Hello everyone,
I really need some help on this, Ive been having a go at this for nearly a week.
Im trying to connect the above components so that I can record on tape. I can get playback but need to record.
Im not going to suggest what Ive tried because Ive tried just about every combination of connections.
Any suggestions most appreciated.

Re: Revox A77 with Quad 33 pre-amp, HELP!

I presume that you have a suitable signal cable to connect the Revox A-77 to the QUAD 33 consisting a 5 pole DIN connector at one end and 4 cinch connectors on the other end ?

Check if the setting-screws on the tape adapter board are in the following positions: tape replay left and right at H ( high, 1 Volt, 0dBV ) and tape record left and right at H (high. 100mVolt, -20dBV ). Change setting if needed.

Connect the 5 pole DIN connector of your "tape cable" on the Q 33 to the socket called "TAPE RECORD" ( the TAPE REPLAY is only connected for replay and parallel at the replay pins of the TAPE RECORD socket ). Switch on the Q 33 and the power amplifier with speakers connected and set volume low, select cancel on the filter switches and select TAPE ( tape monitor ) on the source switches. Touch the cinch pins of the tape cable and listen for hum out the speakers ( maybe you need to increase the volume setting but be careful ). Two cinch pins will give hum, these are for playback and need to connect to the line outputs of the REVOX A77, the other two are for record. Select on the Q 33 a source like RADIO or DISC while leaving the TAPE monitor in pressed position ( tape monitor active ) and play a source. Select the line inputs on the A77 and open the controls ( maybe you need to open the output controls on the A77 as well ) the level meters on the A77 should react and audio must be there. Recording is now possible. On the A77 you can select between input or IEC/NAB to switch between input or replay ( you can check the playback of the recording while the recording is in commence ).

Manuals of the QUAD 33 can be found on HiFi Engine.



Re: Revox A77 with Quad 33 pre-amp, HELP!

Thank you so much Paul, Got all the right cables etc, just need to walk through the steps. Its most appreciated. I alos switched to another amplifier (high current), Harmon Kardon (one of the early ones), same issue, no recording. Ill go back to Q33 as I love the warm sound.
Cheers mate.