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Revox b790 crazy!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

I need a help about problem.

I have a Revox b790 and I have a problem with a control system cartridge.
On start playing all is good, passed a 3/4 minutes the play, the cartridge system goes up for himself, then i lost the button control to down other time, the system no works more. When pressed the button to raise or lower the cartridge (lowering/lifting), not respond.
at next day, the same, it works good only for firsts minutes.

May be a IC control?

I would appreciate some guidance on someone with experience in this problem.
I dispose of the manual and tools to try to fix it.

Thank you very much and happy new year.

Re: Revox b790 crazy!

Intermittent operation may mean some electrolytic capacitors are bad, possibly in the power supply.

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Re: Revox b790 crazy!

Hi John,

Many thanks for the value info!
I'm gonna try...