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Roberts remote control

Hi, new member here. I have just purchased a Roberts 778 from the original owner looks and works great. My question is does anyone know what the remote for it looks like or what functions it has ?. I would like to have one but am not sure what to look for as yet. I have done some searching but nothing so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Steve.

Re: Roberts remote control

if this is a 778X, it has mechanical switching that looks like some of the old Sony R/R, I don't think it has a remote

Re: Roberts remote control

Thanks for the reply. 778x does have a plug in for a remote, it is located on the back with two slots for the plug and says remote. I noticed a Roberts remote on e bay the other day which had a plug that looked like it would fit my Roberts. The remote had a red button that stopped and played. Not 100% sure if this was for a 778x machine or another model or any model of Roberts. I meant to bid on it but forgot to and missed the auction ending by 5 minutes. Oh well. Thanks again for your reply, much appreciated.