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Rogue Pioneer SX-828

Hello good people -

Once again my SX-828 has me foxed, and although I know that weak LH channel issues have been previously posted at length, I cannot find one that replicates my own.
Yes, the LH channel is weak on both speakers and headphones, and I have used Deoxit on all switches, pots and anything else that would accept it, to no avail.
So, before I began a dreaded major stripdown, I listened one last time on headphones and heard the familiar strong RH channel with negligible left. However, as I removed the phones the whole situation reversed - strong left, weak right. More Deoxit and frantic to-ing and fro-ing on the headphone jack didn't help, and the problem, and the same symptoms, persist.
As I have mentioned previously, I have limited skills and even less knowledge of electronics, but I would be delighted to receive any suggestions as to the possible cause and remedy.


Re: Rogue Pioneer SX-828

Did you clean the protection relay contacts? Most of them have to be removed from the board for proper cleaning. Then remove the plastic cover; use a stiff piece of paper to clean the contacts (the contacts to clean are the ones that aren't touching each other; normally open). I usually force the contacts closed with a piece of paper wedged between them, and move the paper back and forth.
Could also be poor solder connections. Does the problem change when pushing on the circuit boards?