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Rookie question but I need to know!

I left my Adcom 565's on all day and all night yesterday which I've read is perfectly fine. Today I went to play an album and had no sound coming from the woofers. A very low sound was coming from the tweeters and that's all. After scratching my head, I turned the amps off and back on. Magically everything was normal again! Do these amps have something internally that cuts off the speakers when they are on for a long time or is this something else? Thanks

Re: Rookie question but I need to know!

wow that's strange.
next time put your hand on the amp cases and feel if they are unusally hot.

there's normally a speaker relay in most amps which you can hear it click (sometimes) when you first turn on. that's about all which should disconnect the speakers that I can think of. but i am unaware that the relay would ever cut out just because you left it on.
it is possible at very low volume that the relay contacts may inhibit passing sound,
but usually the clue to that problem is it works ok at higher volumes.

or the issue is the source feeding the amps.

i usually don't leave amps on all the time, so have no help that way.